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Sonia Rubens, PhD

Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist



Dr. Rubens is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral sleep issues and mental health in children and teens. She offers services to families seeking help with their child's sleep issues as well as concerns related to anxiety, parenting, and behavioral issues. She also offers lectures and workshops, and engages in writing projects related to pediatric sleep and mental health. 



Dr. Rubens works with children and their families to address behavioral sleep and mental health concerns. 

Workshops & Teaching

Dr. Rubens is available to give talks related to a number of topics in child psychology. She also teaches classes to undergraduate and graduate level psychology students.


Dr. Rubens writes and presents information on the latest research in pediatric sleep and mental health. 


Dr. Rubens is based in Chicago, IL

Currently, all therapy services are provided to families in Illinois and Louisiana via a secured telehealth platform. 


Phone: 312-820-5755


Please do not include private health information in email messages as this is not a secure form of communication. Notice of Privacy Practice can be found here.

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