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Writing Projects

Dr. Rubens maintains a research program focused on sleep and mental health in children and adolescents. Some of her recent presentations and publications are listed below. 

Active Projects and Recent Publications

Dr. Rubens and several colleagues recently published a paper in the journal Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy on the association between trauma exposure and sleep in students attending an alternative high school. Click here to check it out!  


Dr. Rubens helped to coordinate a research summit on delayed school start times in California. A summary of findings from the summit can be found by clicking here.


Dr. Rubens is collaborating with a colleague at Santa Clara University to examine the influence of sleep on dietary habits, such as consumption of sugary drinks, in adolescents.

To better understand the relationship between stress and sleep, Dr. Rubens is collaborating on a paper with colleagues in Kansas City and New Orleans to examine trauma exposure and sleep in a sample of students attending an alternative school. 

Dr. Rubens and her colleagues recently presented data on the findings of a study which examines the association between sleep and substance use in a sample of homeless young adults at the Society for Research on Adolescence annual conference.   


Want to learn more? Contact Dr. Rubens today:

Phone: 312-820-5755


Please do not include private health information in email messages as this is not a secure form of communication. 

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