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Sleeping Baby

Conditions Treated

As a licensed clinical child psychologist, I specialize in behavioral sleep problems as well as anxiety disorders in youth. Some of the sleep issues I can help you address with your baby or child include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep

  • Difficulty staying asleep

  • Bedtime fears or worries

  • Sleep transitions and changes

  • Bedtime routines and schedules

  • Insomnia


I also provide consultation to expecting and new parents to discuss developmental sleep questions and options for helping your baby learn to sleep through the night, including options for approaching sleep training that fit for your individual family.

In addition, I work with children and teens who experience symptoms of anxiety, such as concerns about separating from parents, school adjustment, fears, and worries, along with those who experience motor tics and/or vocal tics.


In my work, I use cognitive behavioral strategies shown to work effectively for sleep and mental health issues in children. These strategies are incorporated into a collaborative treatment plan that considers your family's unique strengths and needs. 

Mother with her Child
Bedtime Story


Sessions are billed at a rate of $180 per 50-minute session. Although fees are paid out of pocket, I can provide documentation for families to submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement. I maintain openings for income-based, reduced-fee services for eligible families. All families have the right to a good faith estimate. For more information about that, please click here

Want to learn more? Contact Dr. Rubens today:

Phone: 312-820-5755


Please do not include private health information in email messages as this is not a secure form of communication. 

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